I Res-Q U is dedicated to providing comprehensive training in a fun, interactive and professional manner.  Classes are small to allow students the ability to ask questions and interact throughout the course.  


  • Mobile training is available for companies that want the courses taught at their facility.  A one-time setup fee of $30 is required. 5 student minimum is required. Invoice must be paid prior to cards being issued.
  • Please read registration policy
  • All Canadian Red Cross first aid courses meet legislation requirements for provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance boards and includes the latest first aid and CPR guidelines.
  • Blended courses must be completed within 6 weeks from date of issue. 

What is a blended course?

First Aid and CPR Training.

I Res-Q U offers the blended online versions for Canadian Red Cross *Standard First aid $155 + GST * recertification $105 + GST *Emergency First aid $105 + GST *CPR/AED $75 + GST where the student can complete a self-paced program and then attend an “in-class” portion. What is the Blended course?

Basic Life Support

Healthcare Professional course designed to build participant confidence in performing CPR skills and provide important steps to perform a rapid assessment, perform Basic Life Support $85 + GST skills, and perform rapid defibrillation. Airway Management and Oxygen therapy can also be added as additional certification to this course.

Be the Best Babysitter Online Course

This Online course is completely online. It goes over all the information in the in class babysitting course. It is recommended that the student take a CPR/AED course for practice.

Respiratory Fit Testing

You should be fit tested to make sure your facepiece provides an effective seal if you wear a:

  • tight-fitting respirator during your normal workday, such as nurses, dental professionals.
  • respirator to perform emergency response activities, such as SCBA, half face respirators, etc.

That seal (or ‘fit’) lets you know your respirator will give you the proper level of protection when you need it.

A fit test verifies you’re using the right make, model and size of respirator. Above that, it serves as a training tool to show proper use and assess the comfort of the respirator. YOU MUST SUPPLY THE MASK FOR TESTING

Psychological First Aid

Self Care will have you learn how to care for yourself while in stressful situations, including recognizing potential causes, effects, and indicators of stress, as well as identifying support systems to help you cope with it. You will also learn how to develop a self-care plan.

Caring for others will guide you through the knowledge and skills required to provide psychological first aid (PFA) to those in need. This includes understanding the foundations of PFA, learning how crisis affects people, as well as how to apply the Look, Listen, Link, Live cycle when caring for others.

Child Care Courses

Standard Child Care– two day course offering lifesaving first aid skills, CPR/AED for children and babies, injury prevention skills and knowledge, with a focus on childhood injuries and illnesses. Meets legislation requirements for early childhood education and day care worker safety requirements.

Emergency Child Care— one day course designed to introduce caregivers to injury prevention skills and knowledge. Course covers lifesaving first aid skills and CPR/AED for children, and babies.

Home Alone

This course was formulated to teach 9-10 years old and up how to stay home alone $35 + GST safely. It includes Emergency, fire safety, severe weather situations, power outages, gas leaks, minor first aid emergencies including burn, choking, bleeding, epi pens, asthma inhalers, phone situations, intruders, etc.

Babysitting Course-In class

The babysitting course $55 + GST is an 8 hour program that requires a pre-course study sheet to be completed and the student studies all aspects of babysitting in an “in-class” portion. First Aid will include choking for child and infant, epi pens, asthma inhalers, etc., but is not a certification.

Parent Child Safety Course

As a parent, we spend our time protecting our children’s lives. Even with our complete diligence, children still find a way to get hurt. This Parent Child Safety $25 + GST single, $40 + GST couple, course will help you learn how to respond in these extremely distressing moments.

First Aid for KIDZ

This First Aid for KIDZ course teaches child(ren) how to call 911, choking and other emergencies! It is not a certification but they will get a certificate!