I Res-Q U recommends this course for 10 year old and up. 9 year old’s can attend and siblings as long as they can read. The course includes Emergency, fire safety, severe weather situations, power outages, gas leaks, minor first aid emergencies including burn, choking, bleeding, epi pens, asthma inhalers, phone situations, intruders, etc. 9 AM to Noon $35 + GST ($36.75)

Two children, $70 + GST ( $73.50)

Payment must be made to secure placement into course. If cash payment is requested, text all the registration information to ruth@iresqu.com and pay via etransfer.

PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER: While strenuous efforts were made to ensure the best possible and current information was added, no guarantee, warranty or representation is made by I Res-Q U, Inc. as to the absolute correctness or sufficiency of any information contained in this booklet and I Res-Q U, Inc. assumes no responsibility herein. All information presented has been compiled from sources believed to be reliable; however, it cannot be assumed that all acceptable safety measures are contained in this booklet or that other measures may not be required by parents for the children’s safety. Parent’s must assume responsibility for their children always and ensure that all safety measures are in place for their ultimate protection before leaving them home alone!


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