Workplace Emergency First Aid Intermediate-British Coumbia

Workplace Emergency First Aid Intermediate

This course seamlessly supplements a Standard First Aid Intermediate course or recertification. If you already hold a valid first aid intermediate card, you can easily incorporate this training by completing the Workplace Emergency First Aid (WEFA) paperwork and participating in the recertification or full course skills day. Recognized by WorkSafe BC, the Standard First Aid Intermediate course fulfills the necessary training requirements. Upon successful completion of the SFA-Intermediate course or recertification, participants will receive the WEFA card, certifying their proficiency in workplace emergency first aid.

Cost $50.00 but must be added to either SFA Intermediate or Recertification

SFA Intermediate with WEFA $215.25

SFA Intermediate with WEFA  $162.75

You must fill out the paperwork for British Columbia Out of Area information and complete the SFA-Intermediate course or recertification.  This card cannot be sold separately from the above courses.  

Important: To E-transfer