What is the price for the course?


I Res-Q U offers the Alberta-approved courses while trying to keep the course price at a reasonable rate. The price of the Intermediate (Standard) First Aid is $155 + GST ($162.75). Standard First Aid Recertification is $105 + GST ($110.25). Basic (Emergency) First Aid is $105 + GST ($110.25). CPR/$75 + GST ($78.75). Basic Life Support (healthcare professionals) $85 + GST ($89.25). Babysitting course $55 + GST ($57.75). Home Alone course $35 + GST ($36.75).

How long should first aid training take?


The Standard First Aid- Intermediate Blended online course is 8 hours on the computer which depends on the student’s ability. Some students can complete the course in fewer hours. The skills portion is 7 hours in class. All skills will be practiced so the students will know they can use the information.

How do I renew my first aid certificate in Canada?


Your first aid card must not be expired to recertify with the Canadian Red Cross. Other provider cards can be accepted to recertify. You can contact the Canadian Red Cross at 1-877-356-3226 if you are unsure or you can email Ruth@iresqu.com along with a picture of the card.


How long is first aid valid in Alberta?


First aid certification is valid for three years.

Is CPR/AED included in all first aid courses?


Yes, CPR/AED is included in all courses.

What is blended learning?


Blended learning allows the student to complete an online portion for first aid. The student can take their time learning the information. There are videos included to help the student understand the written portion with small question tests after each module. If a question is answered wrong, it allows the student to reread and redo the test until it is 100% ensuring the knowledge has been obtained. The student has 6 weeks to complete the online portion. The “in-class” skills portion must be completed within 2 weeks of the online completion.

What is Levels A, B, and C?


There are three levels (A, B, and C). Level A is adult only. Level B is for Childcare only and Level C is for adults, Child, and infants. Most companies require Level C.

Is BLS the same as CPR?


Basic Life Support (BLS) covers all aspects of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) but adds healthcare professional techniques such as Bag-valve-mask, jaw thrust, and other training that healthcare professionals need.

Does I Res-Q U have mobile training for companies?


Yes. Companies can request “in-house” training. There must be a minimum of 5 students (a maximum of 18 if it is a large group). There is a $30 one-time set-up fee in Airdrie and $50 for out-of-area. There needs to be room for Students to gather (i.e. boardroom or table) and an area to place the CPR manikins for practice. A projector and screen are a bonus, but they can be provided by I Res-Q U. Weekends are available for companies/businesses only.

Are the courses Alberta Government Approved?


Yes, all First Aid courses are from the Canadian Red Cross and are OH&S-approved.