On Site First Aid Training

On Site First Aid Training

With I Res-Q U, companies can bring first aid training directly to their staff, saving time and money. By opting for group training sessions, companies unlock substantial cost savings while ensuring their employees conveniently receive comprehensive instruction. Additionally, the blended online course offered by the Red Cross through I Res-Q U allows staff to complete a significant portion of their training at their own pace, effectively saving a full day of traditional training time. This innovative approach not only enhances flexibility but also maximizes productivity by minimizing disruptions to regular work schedules. With I Res-Q U, companies can empower their workforce with essential first-aid skills while optimizing resources for a safer and more efficient workplace.

Standard First Aid – Intermediate blended online course (Alberta Government Approved) $155 + GST ($162.75) per person. 

SFA Recertification  $105 + GST ($110.25) per person 

Emergency First Aid Basic $105 + GST ($110.25)  EFA Blended course available  

The set-up fee for Airdrie and the surrounding area is $30.
Out of Area fee is $50

The online portion of our training program empowers employees to effectively retain crucial information at their own pace, revolutionizing the learning experience. By providing access to interactive modules, and quizzes, employees can engage with the material in a manner that suits their learning styles and preferences. This flexibility enhances comprehension and fosters a deeper understanding of key concepts. Moreover, employees can revisit challenging topics or review content as needed, ensuring mastery of essential skills. With the ability to work through the online portion at their convenience, employees can optimize their learning experience, leading to increased confidence and competence in handling emergencies. Upon activating the online course, participants must complete it before the scheduled skills day. Failure to do so will result in the inability to attend the skills session, necessitating rescheduling and repayment for the course. ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO USE THE LINK BELOW AND REVIEW THE INFORMATION IN THE PDF.  


The recertification course requires a current Standard First Aid card.  The card must be sent to I Res-Q U for verification before the course date.  ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO USE THE LINK BELOW AND REVIEW THE INFORMATION IN THE PDF.   


Emergency First Aid training equips individuals with fundamental skills to respond effectively to various medical emergencies. Participants can expect to learn how to assess the scene, prioritize care, and provide immediate assistance until professional help arrives.



Standard First Aid – Intermediate blended online course 8 hours of online learning  7 hours of teaching time

SFA Recertification  7.5 hours teaching time

Emergency First Aid Basic 7.5 hours teaching time

EFA Blended course available  4 hours online learning  4.5 hours teaching time

Please send an email to ruth@iresqu.com to inquire about available course dates. Mondays are reserved exclusively for company bookings. For other weekdays, please provide advance notice to schedule. Weekend dates are also available upon request. On-site training requires a minimum of 5 employees. However, if there are fewer than 5, attendees can join a session at our Airdrie classroom. For all courses, add names and emails for each employee. Recertification employees can attend the same skills day as the blended course.


 For the convenience of our corporate clients, we offer invoicing options for our training services. Companies can request an invoice for the training course fee, which must be paid before the scheduled course date to confirm the booking. Upon completion of the in-class skills portion of the training, certification cards will be issued to participants. This ensures that employees receive their certifications promptly after demonstrating proficiency in the essential first aid skills covered during the course. Our streamlined invoicing process allows companies to easily manage their training expenses while prioritizing the safety and preparedness of their workforce.