Home alone course to help your child or children know how to respond to various problems that can occur.  Parents must always make sure that the child or children are ready to be home alone.



This course gives children information about how to stay safe at home. It covers first aid for choking, which is one of the biggest dangers. Wound care, etc., are covered in a limited way. The course covers weather danger, strangers, fire safety, gas leaks, power outages, and other information to help the child(ren) to cope with these stressful situations. Parents must go over the information and help the child to solidify what they go over in the course. Parents should consider the following when deciding to have their child stay home alone:

It’s also important to consider how your child handles various situations. Here are a few questions to think about:

  • Does your child show signs of responsibility with things like homework, household chores, and following directions they have been given?
  • How does your child handle an unexpected situation? Do they lose control of their attitude or does your child stay calm when things don’t go they way it was planned?
  • Does your child understand and follow rules without being constantly reminded?
  • Can your child understand and follow safety measures when it comes to being on their own?
  • Does your child use good judgment when faced with different situations?
  • Does your child follow your instructions about staying away from strangers?

This course will help with the introduction to first aid and will explain some safety measures.  Be sure to go over it carefully to see if they understand.  Some tests are added.  Let them finish the course and come back in a few days to take the last test. This will ensure that they have retained the information.